Sunday, July 30, 2006

Movie Dilemma

I am the only human now awake in my house, and I think there is only 1 cat up and about, ok 2. I think I am going to watch either Jurassic Park 2 (1997) [whatever the name is] or Akira (1988), but then again Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004) is on. I really like how the beginning was filmed.

Right now I think TV is what is going to keep me awake, but I really want to read -- reading is bad right now.


At 2:24 AM, July 30, 2006, Anonymous Dell said...

I had to stop reading, too. Might knit again...

At 2:56 AM, July 30, 2006, Blogger Jess said...

I cannot knit, but I can crochet -- but the cats are still awake. Maybe not a good idea.


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