Sunday, July 30, 2006

"The Home Stretch"

As Blogathon is winding down, and I am more awake than I was at this time yesterday, so why is it that I did this, why did I sacrifice a day to blog for The Tibetan Nuns Project? What, because I am Buddhist and I feel an obligation to help take care of the monastic community? That seems very reasonable to me, but that is not the reason why, but it is in there. I chose to help because I could help, because I could do something to help others. I believe in something so strongly and I am doing something about it, and letting others know as well.

Ignorance is not bliss, and if we as a human species keep turning our backs on each other and every other living creature, then we as a planet are doomed to self-destruction.

There is room to change.
Every little bit helps.



At 8:30 AM, July 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goodnight and congrats. I hope you do this again next year... with more caffeine! :)

At 8:45 AM, July 30, 2006, Blogger Jess said...

Sure thing!


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